TPAS will serve the educational needs of the community in Taxila and its surrounding area, in particular the children of foreign nationals here on temporary assignment for whom the local education system is not a viable option. We welcome children of all nationalities whose families are committed to an international educational curriculum in English.

TPAS is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education and employment. The school does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, religion, age, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational, admissions or employment policies. We may take into account factors including an applicant's prior educational and linguistic background for purposes of admission in order to fulfill the school's mission of providing education in the English language to our community.

See below for further details regarding our admissions policy. 

Admissions at The Peace Attitude Schools are based on merit, availability of seats and siblings reference. Those found suitable are issued admission forms. Once the admission is approved by the Principal a fee will be issued. Admissions will be confirmed on deposit of fee which will require the following:

  • Parent’s/ Guardian CNIC copy.
  • Birth certificate of the child.
  • Two latest passport size(1” x 1”) photograph of the student.

For a transferred student following are the set requirements:

  • Parent’s/ Guardian CNIC copy.
  • Two latest passport size(1” x 1”) photograph of the student.
  • School leaving certificate
  • Last progress report


Kindly consider the following as well.



English Language Ability

 English is the language of instruction in all grades, and the ability to successfully access the curriculum within a reasonable time and to thrive in our English-language learning environment are very important for our students’ success. At this point we do not offer ELL classes within our academic program.


Early Childhood Center and Lower Elementary School

In ECC and our Lower Elementary school, children are admitted regardless of their level of English language proficiency, providing there are no other additional learning needs. As much as we would love to accommodate your child’s learning needs, we do not advise mid-year admission for Grade 5 students with minima English ability, as the child may find it overwhelming to handle the demands of our rigorous program.


Learning Styles

At TPAS, we believe in academic excellence and it is reflected in our mission statement and philosophy of supporting and celebrating the diversity of learning needs within the school community. We strive to accommodate students with diverse learning styles to achieve their highest potential while celebrating their unique learning strengths and utilizing their potential.


Learning Needs

Applicants with mild social/emotional issues, learning differences or other learning needs are referred to our learning support staff for review. Decisions regarding their admissions are made by the relevant principal based on the recommendation of the learning support staff. If we feel that we are unable to accommodate a candidate’s learning needs, we will make suitable recommendation to explore more suitable options.

Please note that any social/emotional, physical or behavioral issues must be fully disclosed in detail in the application for admission. Failure to fully disclose such information at this time may result in revocation of admission or, if discovered after enrollment, require withdrawal from school. If we determine that we are unable to accommodate a student’s learning needs, or if parents are willing to obtain external assessments, the student will not be able to continue enrollment at TPAS.



TPAS is a day school and does not offer boarding facilities at this point.


Parent Communication

As English is the language of instruction at TPAS, it is also the primary language for communicating with parents. It is our hope that at least one parent/guardian must be able to communicate comfortably orally in English with school personnel. Please note that all our electronic communications will be in English.


Early Childhood Center

All ECC students must be toilet trained.


Grade Placement

Our grade placement policy is based on many years of experience, to ensure the quality and consistency of our academic programs, and the ultimate aim to place students in the most appropriate grade for their academic and social development. In almost all cases, placement is determined by age as of September 1st in the academic year of entry. However, in considering grade placement we make rare exceptions to this age-based protocol to ensure there is continuity of the student’s education and that they have completed a grade before entering the next grade. In all cases, the final decision on grade placement lies with the school.

Placement in all grades is determined by age as of September 1st in the academic year of entry as follows:

Our September 1st cut-off date and grade level

Entering Grade
Age by September 1







Grade 1


Grade 2


Grade 3


Grade 4


Grade 5




Waiting List

In the case of a child being accepted to ISNS but with no space available in the class, the child is placed on a waiting list.

Accepted students are placed on a waiting list strictly in chronological order by date of completed application. Priority is given to:

  • ISNS Alumni: returning students
  • Siblings: siblings of students already enrolled in the school
  • ISNS employees: children of ISNS staff and faculty




Withdrawal with notice

 When a student is to be withdrawn from the school, especially during the school year, please notify the school office in writing two months prior to withdrawal. Parents should make themselves familiar with the requirements for withdrawal procedures in terms of obligations to meet fees and charges that may still be payable. Please contact the Business Office for clarification.

Automatic withdrawal upon non-payment of fees
A student will be deemed withdrawn from TPAS without notice if fees for the Semester and/or following Semester remain unpaid by the due date indicated on the Student’s invoice.

Automatic withdrawal upon failure to re-enrol for forth-coming year
A student will be deemed withdrawn from TPAS for the forth-coming academic year if a confirmation of re-enrollment form for the forth-coming academic year has not been submitted to the Accounts Department by the due date indicated in the form.



Tuition based on the fee schedule for the current school year is due on the first of every month. Tuition received after the 10th of the month will be considered late.

TPAS calculates a yearly tuition amount for a child to attend. That yearly amount is then divided by nine to make a monthly tuition payment fee.