The IB programmes challenge students to excel in their studies and encourage both personal and academic development. IB programmes aim to do more than other curricula by developing inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people, who are motivated to succeed.


Primary Years Program

Units of Inquiry

Through the Units of Inquiry, we create learning experiences which inspire students to actively apply their knowledge, understanding and skills in their daily lives.

Students are encouraged to reflect on their learning, to choose their actions wisely and to behave responsibly with their peers, teachers, other staff and the wider community.

Students have opportunities to experience what it is like to think and act like a scientist, an historian, an engineer or a mathematician. This approach makes learning fun and relevant.


Students actively:

  • Explore, wonder and question.
  • Experiment and consider possibilities.
  • Research and seek information.
  • Collect data and report findings.
  • Clarify existing ideas and reappraise events.
  • Deepen their understanding through the application of a concept, or rule.
  • Make and test theories.
  • Make predictions and act purposefully, to see what happens.
  • Elaborate on solutions to problems.
  • Share learning opportunities with other students and parents.